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Phase 3:

Gather Information

This toolkit tells you what information is gathered during an investigation when your abuse is reported to a state agency or the police. It also gives ideas for how to take care of yourself.

Your Phase 3 toolkit includes:

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Gather Information Guide

This Guide talks about:

  • What happens during an investigation
  • People who help with investigations
  • Normal feelings you may have
  • Your rights and choices during an investigation
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What Can I Do During the Investigation Easy Reader Booklet

This booklet uses pictures to talks about:

  • What an investigation is and how long it might take
  • How to get an Order of Protection
  • How to find a counselor who can talk to you about your feelings
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Meet the Investigators Info Video

In this video, you will meet the investigators and learn how they gather information about abuse that is reported.

The Resources section offers links to connect you with support after abuse has happened to you.

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Are you an ally for someone whose abuse is being investigated?

The Gather Information Guide also has helpful tips on how to support them through this process.

For the next step in the journey, see Phase 4: What Happens Next.