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Phase 1:

Abuse Happened

This toolkit helps you learn what abuse is and know if it has happened to you. If you have been abused, the tools below will help you think about what to do next.

Your Phase 1 toolkit includes:

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Abuse Happened Guide

This Guide talks about:

  • What abuse is, who abuses, and the types of abuse
  • Different feelings you may have after abuse happens
  • Helpful words to know and what they mean
  • Your choices if you have been abused
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Types of Abuse Easy Reader Booklet

This booklet uses pictures to talks about:

  • What abuse is and how to know when it happens to you.
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Know About Types of Abuse Info Video

In this video, you will listen to people share their thoughts about the different kinds of abuse.

The Resources section offers links to connect you with support after abuse has happened to you.

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Are you an ally for someone that has been abused?

The Abuse Happened Guide also has helpful tips for how to support to a person who experienced abuse.

For the next step in the journey, see Phase 2: Tell Someone.