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Phase 4:

What Happens Next

This toolkit helps you learn what might happen to your report at the end of an investigation. It also talks about how to get ready for court.

Your Phase 4 toolkit includes:

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What Happens Next Guide

This Guide talks about:

  • The possible resolutions to your report.
  • Things you can do to get help and plan for safety.
  • How to request a court-appointed advocate to help you if your case goes to court.
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Safety Planning Easy Reader Booklet

This booklet uses pictures to talks about:

  • How to keep safe from being abused again.
  • Making a plan to keep yourself safe.
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Going to Court Info Video

In this video, you will hear a court-appointed advocate talk about their role in supporting you if your report goes to court. This video walks you through a real court room to see what it might look like.

The Resources section offers links to connect you with support after abuse has happened to you.

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Are you an ally for someone who's reported abuse?

The What Happens Next Guide also has helpful tips on how to support them through this process and how to talk to them about safety in the future.

For more details about the process while you map your journey, see the MAANIS Map.